Diabetes Weight Loss Shakes - Twin Pack
Diabetes Weight Loss Shakes - Twin Pack
Diabetes Weight Loss Shakes - Twin Pack
Diabetes Weight Loss Shakes - Twin Pack
Diabetes Weight Loss Shakes - Twin Pack
Diabetes Weight Loss Shakes - Twin Pack
Diabetes Weight Loss Shakes - Twin Pack
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Diabetes Weight Loss Shakes - Twin Pack

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Promotes Fat Loss

Boosts Metabolism

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Certified Diabetic Friendly

Science Proven

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Flavour #1:
Banana Milkshake
Flavour #2:
Banana Milkshake
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"Diabetes Health Shakes has helped me lose 45kgs. More importantly, l feel like l've gotten my life back".
- --Adrianna L.
Product Description

Stack and save!

Diabetes Health Weight Loss Shakes - 100% Lean Protein by Clinical Experts

Diabetes Weight Loss Shakes sets the gold standard for sustained release proteins. Whether you're refuelling your body, lowering sugar levels or seeking a midday boost between meetings, chores whilst on the move.

Love a sweet milkshake without the guilt? Diabetes Weight Loss Shakes has you covered. Plus, with our blend's versatility, you can elevate your morning oats or create protein-packed snacks without any chalky textures or lingering aftertaste. In fact, we're proud to say our Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) dominant blend is among the creamiest you'll find in Australia.

But that's not all. Knowing the vibrant and health-conscious pulse, we've enriched Diabetes Weight Loss Shakes with DigeZyme, a multi-enzyme complex. Free from gluten and GMOs, this blend of digestive enzymes ensures our protein is as gentle on your gut as possible.

Choose Diabetes Weight Loss Shakes. World's finest.



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Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

Blended with natural ingredients that helps in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

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Calorie Burning, Metabolism Boost

Efficient burning of calories, aiding in quicker and healthier weight loss.

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Certified Diabetic Friendly

Enjoy guilt-free shakes to manage your diabetes, formulated to balance your sugar and make you feel full longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Diabetes Health Shakes contain any lactose or diary? Whey always upsets my stomach.

Diabetes Health Shakes is made
from whey isolate, which undergoes an intricate microfiltration process to
filter out all lactose and gluten, making it much easier to digest than other
whey proteins on the market..

Does Diabetes Health Shakes contain any artificial sweeteners?

No Diabetes Health Shakes products contain sucralose or
any artificial sweeteners, fillers or harmful additives. We firmly believe that
artificial sweeteners are unhealthy and our goal is to maximize your health and
performance, not hurt or hinder it!

What do you recommend mixing with Diabetes Health Shakes?

The best part about our shake is that it tastes great
with anything you mix it with. Almond or coconut milk is a favorite, oatmeal or
cream of rice, your favorite smoothie, or even water is great to mix with. We
even like to mix a serving of this with our coffee!

What do you use to sweeten your products?

We use natural sweeteners such as fruit extract and
stevia to sweeten our products. All Diabetes Health Shakes products are free of
artificial sweeteners, fillers and additives.

Where is Diabetes Health Shakes made?

All of our products are manufactured in Australia in our
state-of-the-art, FDA- approved and GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing
Practices) facility under the most sterile, strict and precise standards. In
addition, each product undergoes vigorous, NSF-certified third-party testing to
uphold quality and safety standards.

How many servings in each tub?

There are 25 servings in each tub Diabetes Health Shakes,
and each serving has 25 grams of protein in it as well.

What happens if I’m not completely satisfied with Diabetes Weight Loss Shake?

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your order, let us know within 30 calendar days. We happily offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee so that you can try our products risk-free.

Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is our commitment to your satisfaction. If you're dissatisfied with the product, simply reach out to us at support@diabeteshealthshakes.com within 30 calendar days of receiving your products to initiate the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee process.


Real People Real Results

Adrianna Lost 45kgs

"Diabetes Health Shakes has helped me lose 45kgs. More importantly, l feel like l've gotten my life back".
-Adrianna L.

Gary Lost 20kgs

"After years struggling with high blood sugar levels, low energy, and being overweight... Diabetes Health Shakes FINALLY gave me a win. "
- Garry F.

Michelle Lost 25kgs

"These products have COMPLETELY transformed my life. I'm down 4 pant sizes and have more energy than ever before. I can't recommend Diabetes Health Shakes enough!"
- Michelle H.

Sophie Lost 15kgs

"l was a bit sceptical at first, but after trying trying this weight loss shake for diabetics, l'm pleasantly surpirsed ".
-Sophie. P.

Elise Lost 23kgs

"This shake delivers on it's claims. My weight has dropped, and l don't feel bloated".
-Megan. F.

Claire Lost 80kgs

"Taking this constantly has helped me lose weight when paired with their orther products".
-Claire. J.

Taste Great, and l'm a fan!

"This shake taste amazing, unlike some other shakes l've tried that are chalky or artificial-tasting. Big fan. James.F.

Hits The Spot!

"It's the perfect shake for my morning breakfast to keep me full. Highly recommended. Anna. P.

Mixes So Smoothly

"Shake blends very smoothly with no clumps. I can easily take it on the go with me. Warren.S.