Prevention Programs and Services

This program delivers a range of pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes prevention program and services, both nationally and internationally in conjunction with our Diabetes Health Shakes.

Join 10,000+ people taking control of their diabetes

Losing weight and managing diabetes is HARD! If you've done everything you've been told will help manage your diabetes and lose weight, but nothing works.... and if you feel like losing weight and controlling your blood sugar levels is a massive struggle. Usually, it's because you of two reasons.

1. You don't have the help you need

2. Insulin is a fat storage hormone

Simple, Sustainable Solutions based on scientific research

Diabetes Health Shakes was formed in January 2017 to help combat the growing epidemic of type 2 diabetes in Australia and internationally. With so much conflicting and cookie-cutter advice confusing individuals across the country, Diabetes Health Shakes provides simple and sustainable Health Shakes based on the latest scientific research

defeat diabetes - without the 'diet'

Our Health Shakes provide evidence-based solutions that help you lose weight, reduce sugar levels and achieve results - without restrictions or giving up the foods you love most.


Knowing 'why' you want to improve you health is one of the most important (and often overlooked) steps in your wellness journey.


Once you've purchased our Health Shakes we will work with you to identify the goals most important to you.


This is designed to help you stay on motivated and accountable to your goals. It's also a time to ask questions, discuss any roadblocks.


We understand how important mindset is to achieving success and long-term behaviour change.


Moving your body is one the things you can do to improve you health, manage your diabetes and reduce your risk of disease.


Our Health Shakes help manage your blood sugar levels and work towards diabetes remission without giving up the foods you love.

Achieve success in just simple steps

Our philosophy and approach to defeating diabetes is simple.

We focus on six unrelated components such as purpose, strategy, accountability, mindset, nutrition and movement.

With this holistic approach, we've helped over 10,000+ people lead a happier, healthier life - all without restrictive plans or giving up foods they love most.