Diabetes Gut Health & Immunity - Greens Twin Pack
Diabetes Gut Health & Immunity - Greens Twin Pack
Diabetes Gut Health & Immunity - Greens Twin Pack
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Diabetes Gut Health & Immunity - Greens Twin Pack

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⭐ Support a Healthy Gut & Digestion
⭐ Digestive Enzymes For Gut Health
⭐ Ease Occasional Bloating
⭐ Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response
⭐ Boost Energy Levels

Tropical Mint
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"The vanilla ice cream flavor tastes great- Iput it in my coffee, smoothis, or just plain milk! I see a lot of progress as far as muscle build-up and stregth increases.".
- -Katie M.
Product Description

Gut & Immunity Greens are a comprehensive blend of greens, red and antioxidants, with a focus on improving your gut health and immune function.

Greens supplements are one of the fastest growing supplements categories on the market, this comes as no Suprise as who wouldn't want a day's worth of fruits and veggies in one or two scoops of powder? The wholefood greens and antioxidant reds in Diabetes Health Greens provide wholefood sources to supplement key vitamins and nutrients that you may be missing in your diet.

Improve Overall Wellbeing
Digestive Enzymes For Gut Health
Antioxidants & Fruits
No Artificial Flavours
Featuring fermented Glutamine, Larch Arabinogalactan, LactoSpore and Digezyme as just a few of the ingredients to improve gut flora balance, along with fortifying pre and probiotics, ultimately aiding in digestion and a strong gut biome. And finally added Echinacea, Picorrhiza and CellCharge to provide you with all the tools you need to ensure your immune system is functioning at full capacity.



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Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

Blended with natural ingredients that helps in maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

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Calorie Burning, Metabolism Boost

Efficient burning of calories, aiding in quicker and healthier weight loss.

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Certified Diabetic Friendly

Enjoy guilt-free shakes to manage your diabetes, formulated to balance your sugar and make you feel full longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take Diabetes Gut Health Greens?

We recommend mixing one serving with 6 - 8 oz. of water or your favorite smoothie. Enjoy up to two servings daily.

How is Diabetes Gut Health Greens different from other “green” drinks?

Our immune-supporting, energy-boosting blend of superfoods promotes a healthy inflammatory response, enhanced brain function, and improved digestion all at once. We also pride ourselves on creating some of the best-tasting greens on the market without adding any artificial sweeteners or fillers.*

Who should use  Diabetes Gut Health Greens?

Diabetes Gut Health Greens is great for anyone looking to get a healthy dose of greens, promote a balanced gut and support their immune system in an easy, delicious way. We always recommend checking with a qualified healthcare provider before taking any supplements.*

Is there any caffeine in this product?

No, Diabetes Gut Health Greens does not contain any caffeine or stimulants.

What happens if I’m not completely satisfied with Diabetes Gut Health Greens?

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your order, let us know within 30 calendar days. We happily offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee so that you can try our products risk-free.

How many servings in each tub?

There are 25 servings in each tub of Diabetes Gut Health Shakes. 

Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is our commitment to your satisfaction. If you're dissatisfied with the product, simply reach out to us at support@diabeteshealthshakes.com within 30 calendar days of receiving your products to initiate the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee process.


Jeniffer R.

Oh Yes!! Did I say delicious

Nancy G.

Love your products. I do prefer the chocolate to the cookies and cream only because it's less sweet. the flavours are great. Like a milkshake and mix it with water!!!

Katie M.

The vanilla ice cream flavor tastes great- Iput it in my coffee, smoothis, or just plain milk! I see a lot of progress as far as muscle build-up and stregth increases.